Canada, CAD $28,000 | 2020

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Keep Vulnerable Aboriginal Children In Toronto Connected and Safe

 *A community-based response to COVID-19;  includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

Canada, CAD $50,000 | 2020

Victim Services of Durham Region

COVID-19 HT Response & Supporting Parents in the Ending Child Trafficking (SPECT)

*Includes two 6-month periods for 2020-2021 grant year

Cayman Islands, KYD $25,000 | 2020

The Cayman Islands Crisis Center (CICC)

TAYA Lounge

TAYA is the Crisis Centre's Teen and Young Adult lounge, a drop-in center that provides a safe space for at-risk youth; includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

Cayman Islands, KYD $34,000 | 2020

Cayman Islands Red Cross

Mobile Health & Wellness Checks for Vulnerable Children & Protection Starts Here

COVID-19 response program & virtual child abuse prevention training pilot project; includes two 6-month grant periods for 2020-2021 grant year

Cayman Islands, KYD $5,000 | 2020

Department of Children and Family Services

Habakkuk House: Sensory Room

Safe learning space where at-risk children with physical and mental disabilities can be with DCFS staff for learning, therapy and sensory activities;  includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

Cayman Islands, KYD $20,000 | 2020

Department of Counselling Services (DCS)

Family Resource Centre (FRC)

Prevention/intervention services to address teenage behavioral, emotional and developmental problems by enhancing parents' skills and confidence;  includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

Cayman Islands, KYD $10,000 | 2020

Inclusion Cayman (formerly Special Needs Foundation)

COVID-19 Response to Vulnerable Groups

Needs assessment survey to better address material and service needs of vulnerable children with disabilities and their families; includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

Cayman Islands, KYD $20,000 | 2020

National Council of Volunteer Organisations (NCVO)

Trauma Sensitive Approach to the Care and Education of Early Childhood & Group Home Residents

*An organisation-wide program; includes one 6-month grant

Cayman Islands, KYD $10,000 | 2020

YMCA of the Cayman Islands

YMCA Prevent & Protect

Provides at-risk youth and families with social and emotional skills needed to navigate COVID-19 crisis and learn about child protection; includes one 6-month grant for 2020-2021 grant year

United Kingdom, £30,600 | 2020


Abianda Young Trainer Programme & Internship Programme

An intensive training programme for high risk and high vulnerability gang-affected young women and girls to increase resiliency and self-efficacy; includes two 6-month grants for 2020-2021 grant year

United States, USD $15,000 | 2020

Georgia Cares

Supporting Child Victims of Sex Trafficking Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

*includes two 6-month grants for 2020-2021 grant year

United States, USD $22,000 | 2020

Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

Prevention Team Response to COVID-19 & Hispanic Prevention Outreach Initiative

*includes two 6-month grants for 2020-2021 grant year

United States, USD $17,000 | 2020

SafePath Children's Advocacy Center

Hope in Action & Forensic Interview Response to Child Victims of Abuse during COVID-19 Pandemic

*includes two 6-month grants for 2020-2021 grant year

United States, USD $20,000 | 2019

Children's Bureau of Southern California

Family Enrichment Program

HFC funds support the salaries of all program staff as well as ancillary costs.

United States, USD $20,000 | 2019

First Place Youth

The Healthy Transitions Project for Parents

HFC funds support the resident manager and two youth advocates as well as ancillary costs.

United States, USD $50,000 | 2019

Blythedale Children's Hospital

HFC supports the Child Life Specialists to provide psychosocial support for chronically abused children as they prepare to transition out of the hospital setting.

United States, USD $40,000 | 2019

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of New York

YTC/Pregnant and Parenting Youth Initiative

HFC supports Pregnant and Parenting Youth Specialists to provide self-sufficiency services for older foster youth that are in or aged out of foster care who are pregnant or parenting and their children.

United States, USD $55,000 | 2019

Graham Windham

Family Success Initiative (Family Coaching)

HFC supports a Family Success Supervisor and Family Coach providing individual parent coaching and parent peer support groups for families involved in the child welfare system.

United States, USD $50,000 | 2019

The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services

The Brownsville Child Development Center

HFC supports a Community Outreach Coordinator at a trauma-informed, family-centered service hub that provides screenings, home visits, and clinical services for at-risk children ages 0 to 5.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

Deirdre O'Brien Child Advocacy Center (Dierdre's House)

Clinical Counseling Program for Child Victims of Physical and Sexual Abuse or Neglect

HFC funds support a clinical counselor providing trauma-focused clinical counseling to child victims of sexual assault.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

Korean American Family Service Center, Inc. (KAFSC)

Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Program

HFC funds support the clinical staff in reducing trauma and preventing child abuse of Asian child and youth victims in New York to build safer and healthier families.

United States, USD $40,000 | 2019


CT Survivor Care Program

HFC funds support program staff in providing long-term services and rapid response, one-time intervention services related to human trafficking.

United States, USD $50,000 | 2019

Power of Two

Birthparent Programming 

HFC funds support the Parent Coach in providing court-mandated parent training through evidence-based home visiting to children who have been the subject of an abuse or neglect claim.

United States, USD $40,000 | 2019

Center of the Study of Social Policy

BraveVoices: Helping Westchester Youth Thrive

HFC funds support education and advocacy projects with the goal of increasing youth-centered policies that achieve positive outcomes for young people in or exiting foster care in Westchester County.

United States, USD $50,000 | 2019

Fostering Change for Children

Children’s Corps

HFC funds support Children's Corps, a program enhancing NYC’s child welfare workforce by infusing the field with dedicated caseworkers to directly influence outcomes for children, youth, and families.

United States, USD $35,000 | 2019

Columbia University School of Social Work

Identification of Child Maltreatment using Machine Learning: A Medicaid Claims Application

HFC funds support the project manager and the project consultant working to develop a machine learning algorithm to reduce physician uncertainty when reporting child abuse and neglect.

United States, USD $40,000 | 2019

Rowan University Foundation on behalf of the CARES Institue

Child Abuse Research Education & Service (CARES) Institute TF-CBT Research Project

HFC funds support the research team for the project as well as ancillary costs.

United States, USD $35,000 | 2019

The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights

Mitigating Trauma in Detained Immigrant Children with Post-Release Support

HFC funds support the program staff as well as ancillary costs.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County

Speak Up Be Safe

HFC funds will support an age-appropriate child safety program for elementary school students providing child abuse prevention services to at-risk kids and families of Contra Costa County.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

East Bay Children's Law Offices

AB 12 Project: Making Extended Foster Care Work

HFC supports a staff attorney to provide legal and educational advocacy to transition age, non-minor dependent youth in the foster care system.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

Edgewood Center for Children and Families

Family Partner Program

HFC supports the Family Partner to reach out to parents and caregivers whose children have been brought to the Child Triage and Assessment Center in the midst of a psychiatric or family crisis.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

First Place Youth

Healthy Transitions Project for Parents

HFC supports weekly intensive case management support, parenting workshops, and ongoing education and employment support for at-risk pregnant and parenting youth.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

La Casa de las Madres

Emergency Shelter Family-Based Services

HFC supports direct service staff and the Shelter Manager to provide case management and mental health services for mothers and children surviving domestic violence and child abuse.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting and Serving

Intensive Life Coaching for Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

HFC supports staff to provide intensive life coaching, life skills development services, and referrals for female youth who are victims or survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.

United States, USD $30,000 | 2019

Center of Youth Wellness

Creating Healthier Futures for Children Exposed to Childhood Abuse and Adversity

HFC funds support clinical services for children, youth, and their caregivers in the Bayview District who exhibit or are at risk of physical or emotional distress due to Adverse Childhood Experiences.

United Kingdom, £34,000 | 2019

Home Start Lambeth

Ending Abuse Project

HFC funds support the Senior Project Coordinator to train volunteers to conduct weekly support sessions for at-risk families with children under the age of 5.

United Kingdom, £36,000 | 2019

Imara CIC

Letting the Future In

HFC funds support Trauma Care Practitioners in providing therapy using the Letting the Future In (LTFI) model  for children, teens and young adults who have been affected by child sexual abuse.

United Kingdom, £34,000 | 2019

The Marie Collins Foundation

Path to Protection Training Programme

HFC funds support a training programme for professionals working with children at risk of or victims of online abuse to increase competency in managing  online abuse cases and ensure child safeguarding.

United Kingdom, £22,000 | 2019

The Mulberry Bush

A Degree in Therapeutic Work With Children and Young People

HFC funds support training for care, treatment and education staff in a foundational degree in therapeutic work with children and young people to provide children with the best possible treatment.

United Kingdom, £40,000 | 2019

Safer London


HFC funds support a part-time Young People's Advocate to provide one-on-one support sessions to young women who are at risk of or experiencing child sexual exploitation and abuse.

United States, USD $10,000 | 2019

Front Range Center for Assault Prevention

Child Assault Prevention/TeenCAP Program

HFC supports the Program Facilitators to provide a classroom-based abuse and violence prevention program for children and adolescents.

United States, USD $5,000 | 2019

The Blue Bench

Pathway to Prevention: Youth Sexual Assault Prevention Programs

HFC supports the Pathway to Prevention Director and Coordinator in providing sexual assault prevention education to middle school, high school and college-aged youth to prevent sexual assault.

United States, USD $10,000 | 2019

Denver Children's Advocacy Center

Denver Safe from the Start Program

HFC supports the Program Director in providing school-based education to children ages 3-8, their parents and teachers to prevent child abuse and foster healthy childhood development.

United States, USD $5,000 | 2019

Florence Crittenton Services of Colorado

Child Abuse Prevention for Teen Families

HFC funds support the Parenting Education Specialist  who provide parenting classes customized for teen mothers, as well as employee fringe benefits.

United States, USD $25,000 | 2019

Casa of Los Angeles

Essential History Project

HFC funds help develop essential history reports to 100 children and youth in LA County's Dependency Care System.

Asia, HKD $100,000 | 2018

Against Child Abuse

Child Protection and Treatment Project - Happy Child Starting From Home

HFC supports a registered social worker/trainer to provide therapeutic groups for abused children, parent education programs for abusive parents, and professional child protection training.

Asia, HKD $90,008 | 2018

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

Guardian Angels to Infants in CRH

HFC supports a program officer and social worker to provide services for children, 0-3, at the HKSPC Children’s Residential Home and their parents.

United States, USD $20,727 | 2018

Children's Research Triangle

Family MIND (Moving in New Directions) at New Moms

HFC supports the provision of therapeutic mental health services addressing the needs of New Moms’ at-risk homeless teen mothers and children, psycho-education groups, and staff training.

United States, USD $39,250 | 2018

Safe Families for Children Alliance

Safe Families for Children

HFC supports Case Coaches to support host families that help families in crisis by opening their homes, mentoring, and/or meeting basic needs, as well as the families in crises.

United States, USD $17,500 | 2018

Primo Center for Women and Children

Home Visiting for Primo Families

HFC supports the clinical services and early childhood development team to provide home-based parenting skills training for high-risk families with young children.

United States, USD $39,250 | 2018

Teen Parent Connection

Home Visiting for Dads

HFC supports staff that serve young father ages 12-25 in delivering individualized education and support services through weekly intensive home visiting services.

United States, USD $24,773 | 2018

Brave Research Lab University of Notre Dame

Evaluating the Effect of Prenatal Intervention for Intimate Partner Violence on Infant Health

Decreasing the negative effects of prenatal intimate partner violence on infant well being by using Mom's Empowerment Program, adapted for pregnant women.

United States, USD $39,250 | 2018

Children's Home + Aid

Doula Program

Intensive support throughout and post pregnancy for young mothers utilizing the Parents As Teachers parenting curriculum and home visiting.

United States, USD $39,250 | 2018

Casa Central Social Services

Safe Start

HFC funds support long-term therapy for families to reduce the negative impact of various forms of trauma in children from birth to age 5, therapy for parents/caregivers and training for staff.

United States, USD $39,250 | 2018

Youth Guidance

STRIVE (Strategies to Rejuvenate Interest and Value in Education)

HFC funds support youth who have been declared wards of the state and entered the foster care system through integrating support systems within the school environment to help address abuse/neglect.